Tackling Transitions

Home, sweet home


After two months in a new place and with all our boxes neatly stowed or secretly stashed away, we (Sister Pam Biehl and I, Sister Regina Rose Pearson)  decided that now would be our best chance of introducing everyone to the new convent on the block. Visitation Convent , on a quiet corner just off Hwy 41 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is the site of a new adventure which, so far,  has been loaded with new people, new routines, and new reasons to laugh. And trust me, there is plenty of fun and laughter! It seems that our philosophy of life is going to be work hard, play hard!

Here’s are few snapshots of our life here at Visitation Convent and a few of the excursions we’ve been having!

Parish Picnic included a long standing rivalry between the clergy and Sr. Pam.

100_1623 The parish “Picnic in the Park-ing Lot,” Sr. Regina Rose’s introduction to St. Mary’s Omro, included a long standing competition between the Fr. Michael Warden, Fr. Doug LeCaptain, and Sr. Pam . Every year has a different theme for their costumes. This year it was “X-Men meet Nun better”.


100_1691 We spent Labor Day at Sr. Pam’s friend’s house: Rachelle Rebman. It was a wonderful day of food, fun and, of course, a Lord of the Rings marathon! Sr. Regina Rose also discovered the “little free library” for the first time! A time a wonderment, indeed!


100_1702 On September 5th, we shared our Community Days with our nearby Kaukauna Sisters ( Srs. Delores Wisnicky, Sue Ann Hall, and Juden Lang). We had wonderful conversations on transformation, kolaches made by Sr. Dolores, dinner at the Out-of-Town Supper Club, and because of the rain, a trip  to the Oshkosh Museum.



100_1743 100_1751

Sr.Regina Rose attended a Mass on the grass with Bishop Ricken at the Newman Center at UW Oshkosh. Mosquitos were in high attendance.

Sr.Regina Rose attended a “Mass on the grass” with Bishop Ricken at the Newman Center at UW Oshkosh. Mosquitoes were in high attendance.

100_1755 100_1757

Sr. Pam and I have taken up biking and geocaching. Our favorite location so far is the nearby South Park.

Sr. Pam and I have taken up biking and geocaching. Our favorite location so far is the nearby South Park.

Believing that everything life throws at us contains a lesson to be learned , Sr. Pam and I have chosen to reflect on what we are learning as we live and minister together. We’d also like to share our discoveries with you!

Lesson #1: Transitions can be tough but they can also be an opportunity to develop new habits, make new priorities, and make a new “normal.”  Many times, change can mean loss but if we can open ourselves -even just a little bit- to the goodness and joy in every situation (even the challenges), we will find that wondrous things are waiting just around the corner!


12 thoughts on “Tackling Transitions

  1. Lyn at MBS says:

    Delighted to have Sr. Regina Rose join Sister Pam. Two delightful and holy women and I so enjoy their pray, work, play ethic. Looking forward to many opportunities for shared ministry and shared fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great job. Blessings on your new beginnings!


  3. Sister Natalie says:

    Thank you for sharing Visitation Convent and your first two months of your new year of Ministry. I very much like your Lesson #1! There is much to ponder in those few words. From this first description you are finding the wonder, joy and surprises God has in store for you each day.
    You are in daily prayer!


  4. Sister Kathleen says:

    Wow! What a great peek into your happy, holy and hectic days. May you be awake to the blessings that match each challenge!


  5. Sister Julie Ann says:

    We are waiting for post #2 in your pastorally adventuresome lives!


  6. Sr. Delores says:

    Great snapshots of your new convent! I love the name. It was great having community days with you. Thanks much.


  7. A Friend says:

    I can see from picture #15 you have been at work on Lesson 1’s “opportunity to develop new habits.” Are you calling them “skants” or “pirts??!!”


  8. Sister Theresa says:

    I enjoyed your blog, especially the Lesson! After almost two weeks away and a long list of e-mails to sort through, your blog was a refreshing break. So happy that your year is off to such a good start!


  9. Ginny Tanner says:

    I love the blog; thank you Sr. Pam and Sr. Regina Rose for sharing your life’s journey. I look forward to following your blog from Seattle.


  10. Sr. Barbara Belinske says:

    I enjoyed learning about your new venture filled with work, prayer,
    and laughter! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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