Fabulous Feasting

Tom Douglas, renowned Seattle chef, says ” Cooks throw recipes and menus together and scramble for virtuosity while bakers carefully measure their way to deliciousness.”  How right he is!  However, the presence of both a cook and a baker in our compact kitchen has inspired Sr. Pam and I to take up the challenge of creating fabulous feasts for friends and family- the parish one, that is.

100_1671 100_1672

In the midst of Confirmations, Baptisms, First Reconciliation Parent Meetings, Funerals, Religious Ed. beginnings, new staff and much more, we have somehow found the time to experiment with cooking together. Sr. Pam, an avid baker, has found ways to infuse flavor into everything she makes. And I, with a love of cooking, like to focus on presentation. We often joke that, while her food looks terrible, it tastes amazing. Whereas my food looks like a 5 star restaurant but leaves taste to be desired. This is our standing joke of the kitchen…. even if it’s not true.

100_1673 100_1674

Our guests have been a variety of people from Sr. Pam’s long time friends, our neighboring Sisters in Kaukauna, and parishioners who won “a dinner with the Sisters” at the parish picnic.   Whatever the case, each group has been a wealth of enjoyment and our new little abode has seen more than its share of edible delights!

100_1775100_1786100_1789moon group

It is with full tummies and grateful hearts that we share our next life lesson.

Lesson #2: Food is not just about eating…or even dining! It may not even be just about conversation. It’s about the relationships we build around the table. It’s about sharing life’s moments and what they mean to our own personal understanding of life. Simply by watching the interactions of others that happen around a table of food, we learn more about them. The table is where we learn to share with all kinds of people and to carry the rhythm of a conversation. It’s where we experience the dynamics of family and come to appreciate the gifts each person has to offer.This is what life is all about. Don’t miss your opportunity to engage while you feast!


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Feasting

  1. annemarielom says:

    Loved your latest presentation… and to add to it.. I believe that the quality around the table is a mirror of the quality of Eucharist. My spiritual director says that if you don’t know how to feed people physically, you won’t feed them spiritually. I would say you two are great in both arenas. May all your feasting be blessed!


  2. Sister Caritas Strodthoff says:

    Bless you for the new post. Delightful!! All printed off and ready to share and then file. Happy St. Francis Day…all week!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sister Theresa says:

    You two make quite the dynamic duo in the kitchen… and I’m sure in community and ministry too. Love your life lesson! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Blessings on you and all of the good you do.


  4. Sr. Delores says:

    I was blessed to be at your table. The food and sharing fed me deeply, it nourished me beyond words. Thank you for the time and holy energy that you put out. Eucharist is being shared and celebrated in wondrous ways.


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