Ah, ah, ah,ah, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive!

It’s been several weeks since we’ve last written.

The chocolate bunnies are gone, there are only white jelly beans at the bottom of the basket, and there is only one Easter egg yet to be found. Alleluia! Easter must be finally over!



It is with great joy that we continue to say to you all…HAPPY EASTER! Are you still saying that to people? If you aren’t, you should be! The mysteries of Eastertime are so rich and deep that it takes 50 days to unfold! Unfortunately, our culture today is not used to sustaining such a celebration.

The Resurrection of Christ means hope, life, and joy to all! This message is worth celebrating beyond even 50 days! And spring is the perfect season to do it! Fields are turning green, buds are sprouting, and life is springing anew! It’s in this time that we are most beautifully reminded to allow the Resurrection to live in us, among us, and to let the joy of that event fuel our every thought and action.

DSCN0770      DSCN0663 DSCN0782     DSCN0676 DSCN0688    DSCN0723

Our Lenten and Easter days have been beyond full with a Mardi Gras celebration, weekly Soup and Sermon teachings on prayer, a bi-monthly Holy Hour, Formation weekend at the Motherhouse, a meal for married couples at the parish,  youth events and trips, exploring the latest exhibits at the Oshkosh art museum, visiting with our Sisters in Kaukauna, preparation for First Communion,  planning and facilitating a “Dynamic Catholic” Quiz Bowl based on the book the parish read for Lent, preparing our Catechumens for full initiation into the Church, helping our Religious Ed families to experience Liturgy of the Word with Communion for the first time and more! It is in the midst of all of this that we have been challenged to discover and remember how to keep our Easter joy alive and how to let the Resurrection remain at the center of our ministry and our lives.

DSCN0815    Hungarian Falls        DSCN0878 DSCN0915   DSCN0946    DSCN0962

DSC00237     IMG_2179      DSCN1065     DSCN1075DSCN0968 DSCN1012

Pope Francis says this: We proclaim the resurrection of Christ when his light brightens the dark moments of our existence, and we can share that with others when we learn to smile with those who smile and cry with those who cry, when we walk alongside those who are sad and risk losing their hope (and) when we talk about our faith experience with those who are searching for meaning and happiness.”

So as we strive to put his words into action, here are a few practical ways you might be able to keep the joy alive in your home and in your heart this Easter season!

  1. Read parts of the Easter story from Scripture every day.
  2. Say a special prayer at the dinner table every night of Easter.
  3. Light a special candle in your home
  4. Visit someone who is sick (reminding them and yourself that Christ has overcome sickness and death).
  5. Go for a walk and wonder at the beauty of God’s creation
  6. Plant a garden and thank God for His wonderful gifts.
  7. Go to some event at your parish or to daily Mass.
  8. Sing. A lot!
  9. Talk about what God is doing in your heart and your life these days.
  10. Live with joy!! Happiness is more than pleasure and joy goes beyond happiness. Joy is soul deep and rooted in Christ. Live in Him!
  11. Experience newness! Easter is a time of renewal which allows us to be positive, grateful, compassionate and affectionate. Revel in it!



5 thoughts on “Ah, ah, ah,ah, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive!

  1. Sister Caritas says:

    Sr. Pam and Sr. Regina Rose, Awesome pictures of Lent and Easter celebrations…especially the foot washing. The whole season is such an ongoing celebration of joy, excitement, anticipation…and then we have Spring…with New Life popping up everywhere. God reminds us every minute of every passing day: I love you…and give you new life!!! Come celebrate the joy! Great blog! Teach me how…Sr. Caritas

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ginny Tanner says:

    A beautiful reminder of the renewal Easter and spring brings, a season of joy. Thank you for your wonderful postings.


  3. annemarielom says:

    It is delightful to see a recap of your many adventures in pastoral ministry. Thanks for posting this!


  4. Sister Theresa says:

    Thanks for all you do to spread the joy and hope of Easter in so many ways. Your enthusiasm and love for the Lord are obvious!

    Liked by 2 people

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